Renovation and overhaul

Our know-how is based on long-term experience in the field, and it is focused on continuous following of new trends.

Time and regular use will leave their mark on everything. However, if quality materials were used and the functional properties are preserved, it does not necessarily mean that it cannot be renovated. Worn parts do not always have to be replaced with new ones, as many components can often be refurbished with great success. It is possible to combine overhaul with the supply of new components. We are talking about materials such as wood, steel, aluminum, and upholstered products, but such plastics as polypropylene, polyamide, and others …

We focus on the mutual harmony and harmony of interior and exterior, including the design and choice of production material for our products. We are delivering solutions for the design of the space and seating that will fine-tune its atmosphere and underline the overall impression. Technical and functional parameters are a matter of course, which is a necessary part of the initial design.

Our Story

There is seating in sports stadiums, arenas, cinemas, cultural halls, theaters, lecture rooms, conference halls, congress halls, home theaters, planetariums, or cruise ships. More than 13 years of experience give us a good overview of the field, but we are also looking for modern projects and new trends. Worldwide certificates for components and close co-operation with the testing department, which makes acoustic and statistical tests of our products, ensure the safety and harmlessness of our products.

Thanks to this complex approach, we can co-operate with domestic and foreign clients (Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, and Scandinavia), who are our target customers in realizing outdoor and indoor solutions based on client’s wishes.

We took part in projects like Letzigrund Stadion, Zurich, Allianz Arena Munich, and Oslo Spektrum.